Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine at the restaurant in Glyfada beach Valtaki, Githeio. The view from the restaurant is unique. Enjoy the endless blue of the sea and the impressive wreck of the freighter Dimitrios.

Εστιατόριο Γλυφάδα

Γλυφάδα - Εστιατόριο

The menu includes all the traditional dishes of Greek cuisine. Fresh fish from local fishermen arriving daily at our restaurant and cooked homemade way. Sea bream, grouper, sterile and white bream are just some of them. The customer chooses the fish he wants after first seen. We are also preparing traditional dishes such as octopus, squid, anchovies, sardines and cooked. All dishes are based on traditional Greek recipes prepared with fresh ingredients. Don't forget to try the wonderful combination of pasta with seafood!

Find some free time from the daily routine and give yourself the opportunity to socialize with people you love, right on the waterfront in beautiful Githeio. All staff of the restaurant is always uplifting and ready to welcome you with a smile. Do not hesitate to ask advice on what dish to choose from.







 Glyfada Restaurant Gytheio

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